Skyon Polycarbonate Awning.

Skyon Custom Awning

There are times when our Skyon Awnings or Skyon Carport may not give you the coverage you need due to the size and shape of the area, let us create a custom awning or custom canopy for you. Some uses are porch covering, carport, step covering, roof skylight and walkways to name a few.

Our straight edge custom awning structures consist of a light weight structural steel frame with trusses and posts if needed for added support, along with our R panel or corrugated polycarbonate roof sheeting which is transparent, light weight, durable, impact resistant and provide anti UV protection.

Colours available are:

  • Opal (light white)
  • White
  • Clear
  • Bronze (brown)

Polycarbonate R-Panel Sheeting brochure.

Polycarbonate R-Panel Sheet

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